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With over 7,500 media outlets, we offer full dissemination of U.S. throughout all of the popular stock market news outlets.

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We are a dynamic press release distribution platform that specializes in crafting press releases for companies designed to maximize media exposure.

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There’s nothing more frustrating then to see a company reach a significant milestone, without receiving any fanfare. Why bother to do the hard work only to treat the achievement like insider information?
If there’s a recent disconnect between your triumphs and the market’s reaction then it’s time to take action. How many times has your company had an article copied and published in Forbes, Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Morning Star, Wall Street Journal, Etc? We have written many stories and press releases that have done just that. Our experienced writers can get your company noticed, we have many contacts with other journalists and know how to make the most of the exposure that you have.

Are You Sending the Wrong Message to Your Shareholders?

Even the biggest and the best have to diligently dedicate themselves to ensuring accurate information is being received by investors. For example, recently GOOGLE made some misstatements in the media, which caused a major sell off and a HUGE drop in share price, on several occasions. Is this what you are doing?
Sometimes a press release will look good to the person writing it, but mean something different to the market. We understand how to get your message out the right way, whether you struck oil or lost millions on a dry hole, we know how to deal with your shareholders in all situations, good and bad.
We work with several financial news letter writers, the ones that have a huge following, who will feature the companies to their opt-in subscriber base. We also utilize the internet to ensure that EVERY key financial website will feature your company and its unique story.

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